Ian Seaburn

Ian is a stand-up, musician and writer.

Ian is a frustrated rock star with an unhealthy mathematics habit. He delivers tales from the road and survival tips for life, short sharp puzzling as to the nature of the universe and the occasion surreal flight of fancy.

Perpetually baffled as to why people don't fall over more.

“Thoughtful and meticulous, Ian Seaburn's tales of mathematics and music provides a refreshing voice on the comedy circuit.” - AltComCab

"Sharp lines and finely crafted tales. Affable and articulate" - JC, Verve Comedy Cellar

"Unassumingly perceptive chap proffering wily wit with a self-deprecatory charm covering pleasingly inventive subject matter. He's clearly adept at his 3 Rs. And chord scales." - Anthony J Brown, Stagefright Comedy

“Cool, chilled and laid back, put him in front of 4000 people and he wouldn’t break a sweat. The audience thoroughly enjoyed his act.” - World of Comedy"

Ian occasionally tweets @IanSeaburn