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We've been working on producing a podcast for some time and have gone through various false starts and format ideas.
Finally however we have managed to get our act together.

The result is 'Day Tripping'. A series in which we'll document our travels and provide an ill-informed travelogue with interviews and sketches.

We spend an awful lot of time on the road and so it seemed fitting to use that aspect of our lives.

Episode 1 is out now, where we visit Leicester, eat pizza, gig at Club Smashing and chat to comedian Daniel Nicholas.

All the details are on our Podcast page.

We are not sure when we'll get the next episode out as we are busy writing and are going to squeeze in a short holiday in the sunshine to recharge, but it will be soon.

Also, if we can muster the time and energy we'll do a series of shorter episodes while we are in Edinburgh this summer.

Written by Ian - 17th May 2016