2016 Festival Show

About half way through our run at Edinburgh Fringe last year we found ourselves sitting in Fringe central drinking coffee and recharging our phones. We started talking rubbish and batting stupid ideas around and within a couple of hours we had enough ideas to outline a new show.
Over the following months we started working on these ideas. Some we throw away, some we couldn't get to work and some we started testing at gigs.
We've added a bunch of new ideas and sometime last week we managed to put enough skin of the bare bones to get an real idea of what our 2016 show is going to look like and , well, we are pretty excited about it.
We'll be continuing to write, road test and review individual sketches and bits over the next few months at out usual gigs and will start previewing the show in it's entirety from May.

Keep an eye of the Gig page for details.

Written by Ian - 20th Jan 2016